Use Super Static

Super Static is nearly identical to Notion's defaults, except components are generated by us, not Notion. This provides some significant advantages for your Super + Notion sites.


Lightning fast page speeds


Better for site sharing & SEO


Future support for customization

Additional Features

  • Create a Url property called Link or link on a Gallery or List to make clicking an item follow the url instead of opening a page.
  • Custom page URLs

Missing Features

  • Database items open in new page instead of modal
  • Calendar
  • Timeline

Migrating to Super Static

Change site type

To make your site use Super Static click the "⚡️ Use static" button. In addition to this you can change to static or back to default when editing your site settings.

Change DNS

Once switching to Super Static you can still change your site back to default mode. Any time you change between static and default you must update your DNS records. The record set for Static must be one of the following:



Change links

Any links to other pages on your site must be shortened to only use the ID at the end of the url. So this page becomes Shortening even further to just /86b1bbeb9eeb441eaaa16e84fa1b1a5d also works. Both short links are backwards compatible.