Add Pretty URLs to your Super site

Pretty URLs are finally here! Replace Notion's long and confusing page URLs with simple, memorable ones. We also generate sitemaps from these URLs to look great on search engines. These can only be used on Static sites for now.

This feature only works on the Static method

1. Edit your Super site (or create a new one)


2. Click on the Pretty URLs tab


3. Add as many pretty URLs as you'd like

In the left input, you can either enter your original Notion page URL (that starts with notion.so/) or your custom Super URL (that starts with your yourdomain.com/). You can also have nested URLs! So demo.super.so/guides/pretty-urls for example.


4. Hit save, and you're done!

These should show up near instantly, and if they're configured properly in Notion (not set manually), they should all update automatically. This is a huge step forward in improving the Notion-as-a-website ecosystem! Enjoy.